Imagine if you had a constant friend who supported you…
A friend who you could ask for their opinion any time of day, always feeling safe with their reply

A friend who never let you down

A friend that knew best even in the most soul destroying situations

A friend that remains authentic throughout your life
Now’s your time to have that friend…

Releasing the pressure of the inner critic, means you possess the secret to your life moving forward . You’ll shape your life to your soul’s advantage 

Free to be Me: Release the Pressure of the Inner Critic is your ability to step into who you are

When the inner critic is active we wander aimlessly in life, our inner world feels desperate, empty and alone.

We then seek an external focus, something to distract…

The problem is, the distraction only works for a little while

Then the inner critic exacts it’s revenge

For the Intuitive-Sensitive, the desire for access to the unified self is higher than the distraction.

We want the life of the peaceful inner friend

Trouble is, we’re too afraid to ask for it, we feel unworthy of it

Do you really know...

What your inner conflict between your conscious and unconscious world is up to?

Do you know...

how to perfect your world rather than continually escape it?
Free to be Me: Release the Pressure of the Inner Critic
will help you...
flow in sync with who you really are.
If you want to enrich the world, start with enriching yourself.

What is included:

Video: Releasing the Critic: ‘Overcoming the Rules You Didn’t Make’

Exercise: Discovering Your Secret Critic Disrupting Your Life Path 

Meditation: Neutralising the Inner Critic & Harsh Reality

You will Learn:

Why the inner critic makes you feel you ‘live a life of sin’ & how to solve it 

How to attract only genuine, high quality relationships

How to successfully cut the ties of a negative past without confrontation

Powerful moments of connection and clarity are rare, but when they happen, WOW we know about it. 

Life pieces together, lost parts suddenly click revealing huge wisdom. This mini-course will open your world to moments of connection, where parts of your life experiences suddenly make sense and you recognise the life you’re meant to have.

You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.

You are sent a reminder so you don’t have to remember when to go into the mini-course. 

The sessions are clearly broken down into shorter video to give you time to digest the topics in smaller sessions if you want to.
The mini-course remains there for you to refer back to or repeat at your leisure.

This mini-course will help you, as an Intuitive-Sensitive, feel confident with the life you were born to live.
What I am offering you is....

To feel peaceful in your inner world, to feel better able to attract high quality relationships and release the relentless pressure of the inner critic.  You’ll grow in confidence to handle what life throws at you. 

You will LOVE this mini-course, and if you don't, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.  

  There is no risk. 
This mini-course has been valued at £33 or you can get it for FREE

Receive Free to be Me: Release the Pressure of the Inner Critic
For FREE by joining my community of authentic, friendly intuitive-Sensitives 

What Our Clients Say
"Heidi Sawyer goes beyond the understanding"
"Heidi’s content is absolutely epically life changing"
"Heidi Sawyer is kind, clear and incredibly concise"
Are you feeling unappreciated? Misunderstood or alone?
These are some of the emotions Intuitive-Sensitives feel. Sometimes your own feelings, sometimes it feels you're 'looking after' someone else's.
The Circle is entry to connection...
PLUS a whole lot more.
First, I have a question for you…
Are you tired of feeling you’re great at supporting others, but who REALLY knows you?
Haunted by memories of criticism, humiliation and questioning where you ‘fit in’
Wouldn’t it be nice to relax, let-go and have someone ‘get you’ for a change?
You work your socks off, yet still feel at times, unappreciated.
You’ve spent your whole life being told to ‘toughen up’ and ‘get real.’
The truth is…
You are real and no, you don’t need to numb yourself out of life by toughening up.
But you do need to get on with embracing your key skills, your passions and start to bring into your life the freedom you crave.
Freedom to you means saying good-bye to a constant low-level anxiety, engaging your skills for a positive life and high grade emotional relationships
This is what gives the Intuitive-Sensitive person meaning.
Withdrawing into the background isn’t going to cut it anymore.
Your path means overcoming commitment issues caused by a fear of unpredictable outcomes.
It’s about coming out of the shadows into the world of contribution.
The Circle is about high trust connection, life purpose and improvement completely tailored to the needs of the Intuitive-Sensitive Person.
If you’re keen on inner progress, you feel others around you are not very perceptive to your needs or even think about them, even though you’re always there for them, the Circle is right for you.
Intuitive-Sensitives develop a higher than average level of perceptiveness initially as a survival strategy. We have an emotive nervous system, we remember emotional situations vividly, we do our best always, but constantly wonder if we’re ever ‘good enough’ either by our own criteria but certainly in the eyes of other people.
Imagine the ability to tap into a community of people who understand you instantly. Who share similar sensitivities and want to develop their inner world as much as you do. Where you have access to all the tools and courses you need provided in a format designed EXACTLY with you in mind.
That community led by someone who developed their intuitive capability to an exceptionally high level, who has a wealth of personal experience and more than 20 years in 121 countries working with thousands of people exactly like you. What if that person was to answer your questions, every month and take you through powerful healing experiences that feel completely personal to you?
What if you had that level of encouragement and support?
That’s what you get when you join the Circle.
Choose from the options below as to which suits your life right now.
There is zero risk, we offer a 30 days no questions money back guarantee

Circle Membership
You Are Not Alone on Your Journey
The Circle provides on-going Answers & Support for Intuitive-Sensitive People
  • 1 monthly LIVE member only Group Healing Session with Heidi
  • 1 monthly LIVE member only Topic of the Month presentation session with Heidi
  • Member only replay sessions and back catalogue
  • Access to member only meditations and tutorials
  • Interaction with fellow members during the LIVE sessions (if you want to)
  • Significant discounts on in-person workshops, products and 1-2-1 sessions with Heidi
  • Priority access to in-person events with Heidi
  • Members also get included with their membership my very popular Life Codes Personalisation Series. Non-members pay £15 each for this, you get them for free 

For example would you like to:

  • Learn How To Find Your Perfect Career Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number 
  • Learn How To Have Perfect Relationships Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number
  • Learn How To Make Perfect Decisions Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number
What our clients say 

“The leadership course is a resounding wake-up call to all ISPs. Through this course Heidi speaks directly to me as an ISP and cuts through all of the avoidance, denial and facade that I have created about who I am. 

 Heidi has provided me with the support, love and grace to look at my shadows and still know that I can live a life of high self-esteem.”


"From the moment I saw this course I was attracted to it. Heidi's material always feels as though it is made just for me, at exactly the time that I need it. As I read the module titles, I found myself thinking, "yes, yes, yes".

The meditations are enjoyable, direct and powerful. I feel I can prescribe myself one of these meditations rather than chocolate - that's brilliant!”


“The meditations are so powerful and by following these I have really learnt to reconnect with my authentic self. 

Now that all important question, I have had for quite a few years ‘Who am I, what is my purpose’ is beginning to give me answers that I never believed I would find in such a profound way"


A Little Hello From Some Of Your Fellow Soldiers of the Light
Are you going to join us on this Journey?
Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: 
How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever
will give you...
specific ways to resolve the narcissit in your life

This Deep-Dive Course will be slightly different :

It will be more experiential and action based.

This course is currently closed. The only way you can access this course is by being a Circle Member. Please select the 'Yearly Membership' option below.

This Deep-Dive Course will help you, as an Intuitive-Sensitive, finally feel ready to live the life you were born to live.

When available this Deep-Dive Course is sold for  £67 or you can get it included in your Yearly membership as a FREE Gift
Receive Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever as an Intuitive-Sensitive for FREE by joining my community of authentic, friendly intuitive-Sensitives when you pre-paying for a year of membership dues

Here's what you get when you become a Member today

On-going Answers & Support for ISPs
You Are Not Alone
This Mini-Course has been Valued at £33
Free To Be Me: Release the Pressure of the Inner Critic
  • A constant (internal) friend who supports you
  • No more wandering aimlessly or feeling desperate
  • Step into who you are
  • A mini-course you complete in a week through a series of video coaching, an exercise and a powerful deep process meditation
Value of feeling part of and being supported by a community: Priceless
Heidi’s Circle: You Are Not Alone
  • Actual friends who support you
  • No more feeling misunderstood or alone in life
  • Be the change you want to see in the world. Join us; become a Soldier of the Light
  • On-going answers and support from Heidi and other authentic like-minded Intuitive-Sensitives from 24 countries around the world delivered through live online events, live two-way interaction and deep internal exploration
When available to buy on its own (currently closed), this Deep-Dive Course is sold for £67 - you get it free as a 'Yearly Member'
Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever
  • Controlled, devalued, coping with feeling abandoned, wounded, exhausted and now finding it difficult to accept help in case there are consequences?
  • This Deep-Dive Course will help you recover your self-esteem, value and the authentic self
  • A Deep-Dive Course you complete through a series of video coaching, enlightening exercises and powerful deep process meditations designed to empower your recovery
A message from your fellow Intuitive-Sensitives...

"I wondered if this was all for me"
"She has made a difference to my life"
"It's been a real awakening"

You now have 2 choices

Please make your selection below...
Monthly Subscription.
(Paid monthly)
  • Reduced to £15/m only available from this page
  • Joining Gift: "Free to Be Me: Inner Critic" Mini-Course (valued at £33)
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
  • Two Monthly Members Only Sessions where you interact with Heidi live
  • Huge savings on Heidi’s deep dive courses
  • Priority notification on limited seating events and personal 1-to-1 readings with Heidi
Pre-Pay for 1 Year of Access. 
(Effectively 2 Months Free)
  • Reduced to £150 only available from this page 
  • Joining Gift: "Free to Be Me: Inner Critic" Mini-Course (valued at £33)
  • Second Joining Gift: "Heal Your Life of Narcissistic Behaviour: How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever" Deep-Dive Course (saving you £67)
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
  • Two Monthly Members Only Sessions where you interact with Heidi live
  • Huge savings on more of Heidi’s Deep-Dive Courses
  • Priority notification on limited seating events and personal 1-to-1 readings with Heidi

Q&A section

 Can I pay by PayPal?
Unfortunately it is not possible at this time to pay for your subscription using PayPal directly from this page. Please contact support (simply reply to any email we have ever sent you) to make alternative arrangements. 

How is the Circle organised?
The Circle is set out in bite-sized chunks, which are easy for you to consume. Some are video lessons, some written tutorials and some are deep process meditations all delivered to you in a safe and secure member's only area.

Can I go at my own pace?
You can absorb it at your own pace, but I will be sending you easy weekly reminders 

I am already a Circle Member what do I need to know?
As part of your EXISTING membership subscription you will receive the "Free To Be Me: Inner Critic" Mini-Course into your member's area as soon as it is available. You will have the option to buy the "Never be Caught Out: Narcissist" Mini-Course from the MarketPlace when it is available. 
What Happens Next? 
When you click your Add to Cart button we will create your very own personal account inside our beautiful “Intuitive-Sensitives Online Learning Environment":
You simply login to your private, safe and secure Home Page and then find the "Start Here" button to get started:
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We are so proud of our new 'home' and we have received such positive feedback from our existing clients.
Here's one of the emails we received very recently from a self-confessed "technophobe":

"Mega clear text with beautiful graphics and so good the way one thing leads on to another swiftly and easily.
Someone is highly intuitive and sensitive regarding the colours and designs they are really good.
Thanks for making everything so clear, easy and attractive.
All the best


We are sure you will also love learning in this clear 'head-space'.
See you on the inside.
With love
Heidi x
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