Manifest the Life of Your Soul’s Contract
3 Week Online Course
          Imagine if you had a map for your life… 
A map where you felt safe with every decision
A map that helped steer you through the dark patches into a blissful happiness
A map that helped you work out the meaning of the most soul destroying situations
A map that meant you never felt lonely again
Now’s your time to have that map
Your map of life, that holds the secret to your life moving forward
Showing you exactly how you shape it to your soul’s advantage

Qabalah through the Tree of Life is your ability to see your life potential in the moment

When we wander aimlessly in life, our inner world feels desperate, empty and alone.
We then seek an external focus, something to distract… 
The problem is, the distraction only works for a little while
Now imagine if all you need is how to read that map
For the Intuitive-Sensitive, the desire for access to the unified self is higher than the distraction.

We want that life

Trouble is, we’re too afraid to ask for it, we feel unworthy of it

Do you know...

What your inner conflict between your conscious and unconscious world is up to?

Do you know...

How to per-fect your world rather than continually escape it?

Qabalah Magick: Manifest the Life of Your Soul’s Contract 
will help you...
Let me explain the subtleties of this course:
Flow in sync with who you really are
If you want to enrich the world, start with enriching yourself.
Week 1
Video: ‘The Three Triads of Awareness’
Exercise: Discovering Your Secret Truth Blocking Your Life Path   
Meditation: Harmonising the Triads for Effective Synchronicity
You will Learn:
  • How the Three Triads directly impact your life
  • How to reveal your intuitive truth through the triad energy
  • How your life can synchronise for perfect peace
Powerful moments of connection are rare, but when they happen, WOW we know about it. 

Life pieces together, lost parts suddenly click revealing huge clarity. This session will open your world to moments of connection, where parts of your life experiences suddenly make sense and you recognise the purpose of the big picture.

Week 2
Video: ‘The Journey of the 10 Spheres through the Body / Soul Connection’
Exercise: Discovering Messages in the Body   
Meditation: Releasing Locked Energy in the Organs of the Body
You will Learn:
  • How the 10 spheres work to powerfully shape your life
  • Where the soul sits and how it talks to you through the body
  • How to access wisdom, understanding and knowledge
Your body and soul connection either puts you in complete sync with life or drags you through the shadows. 

Knowing where to look for blocks in your consciousness and having the instant tools for adjustment make for an infinitely easier life, towards deep inner connection and trust.

Week 3
Video: ‘Darth & Your Connection to Knowledge'
Exercise: The Patterns of Your Life Lessons   
Meditation: Revealing Your ‘Darth’ Path – Your Key to Instant Knowledge
You will Learn:
  • What your strongest life lessons are really about
  • Why the soul’s contract is contact with the shadow
  • Why your Darth lessons demand you develop trust in the unexpected
You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.
Each week you are sent a reminder so you don’t have to remember when to go into the course.
Each session is released weekly to give you time to digest the previous session.
The course remains there for you to refer back to or repeat at your leisure. 
What our clients say

"Heidi Sawyer goes beyond the understanding"

"I've never come across anybody who can do that"

"they just think, bit of a freak, why are you asking that"

In summary
How you engage with life will be what it’s going to be.
You can though make life feel harmonious and safe by learning how to read your personal ‘map’. 

The map is revealed through the ancient symbolism of the Tree of Life.
This course will help you, as an Intuitive-Sensitive, read your map to access your soul’s contract, the life you were born to live.

What I am offering you is....
 an insight into preparation, the ability to tackle anything, so you have the ability and confidence to adapt when life places an inevitable pot-hole in your path.
We will be spending 3 weeks together working on your inner-world to give you the confidence to handle what life throws at you.
And remember…

If you want to enrich the world, start with enriching yourself.
A message from your fellow Intuitive-Sensitives...

"I wondered if this was all for me"

"She has made a difference to my life"

"It's been a real awakening"

You will LOVE this 3 week course, and if you don't, you have a 30 day money back guarantee

There is no risk.
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How is the course organised?
The course is set out in weekly amounts; some video lessons, a meditation and a journal exercise delivered to you in a safe and secure member's only area. 
Can I go at my own pace?

You can absorb it at your own pace, but I will be sending you easy weekly reminders 
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Someone is highly intuitive and sensitive regarding the colours and designs they are really good.

Thanks for making everything so clear, easy and attractive.
All the best
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