WE ARE A TRAINING COMPANY who helps intuitive and sensitive people discover their life purpose, heal old wounds and embrace their high levels of Emotional Intelligence. 

We believe as the world becomes more systemised by computers and robotics, highly developed intuition and emotional intelligence will be taught in schools and will ultimately become the planet’s most valued talent. 

We currently provide services to 60,000 Intuitive-Sensitives in 121 countries. 

Course Director, Heidi Sawyer, has already used her considerable skills to help her 4,000 clients and Circle Members. She is the author of Highly Intuitive People (Hay House).

On this page you will be introduced to Heidi's book and corresponding 7 acclaimed online courses.
Don't Know Where To Start?
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Read Highly Intuitive People (Hay House), you’ll instantly understand your traits as an Intuitive-Sensitive Person and the path you are taking through life. 

You’ll see why you started this life, perhaps shy or misunderstood and now, how you use your intuitive sensitivity to engage your life purpose. 

If you’re not a ‘reading person’ then dip into this book to discover a list of your life traits and the order in which an Intuitive-Sensitive’s life unfolds.

"I've studied psychology, personality, philosophy, and brain science for years and years; all of it extremely interesting. But in your book, I read about myself." Tracy O, UK

Already read the book? You are now ready to go deeper...
The Journey of the Intuitive-Sensitive
Each individual course (below) matches perfectly with your journey as an Intuitive-Sensitive Person and the book (above) i.e. part 2 of the book is broken into 7 "Steps", the concepts of which are taken deeper - much deeper in each corresponding course.

Your Journey Though The Consciousness Line...
Every one of these courses has been crafted to help intuitive and sensitive people discover their life-purpose, heal old wounds and embrace their high levels of emotional intelligence. "Life is a Journey, not a destination", so it doesn't matter which of the 7 Levels of the Consciousness Line resonates with you the most now right now, it is where you want to be in 2 years time that matters. 

These comprehensive, popular and proven courses have been designed to help you ignite and support you on your journey. Read the descriptions below to discover which 'speaks' to you the most. Start with that one. You'll be very pleased you did. 
These 7 courses* will help you know who you are, develop your intuitive nature and empower your life with confidence.
* These 7 courses are released once a month and for only 10 days at a time.
Level 7 Enlightenment Programme 
Reveal your Deep Path to the Authentic Self

Suitable for: Intermediate and Advanced.

Exploring the deepest parts of your growth cycle.
Level 6 Healing Never Good Enough
Your Key to Self Esteem 

Suitable for: Intermediate.

Moving on from the default setting of feeling ‘never
good enough’. Resolving the energy of guilt,  drama and shame passed through the generations.
Level 5 Qabalah Magick
Manifest the Life of your Soul’s Contract 

Suitable for: Intermediate.

Experience of the meaning of life’s purpose through the ancient system of the Tree of Life and Qabalah
Level 4 Self Mastery
Your Key to Internal Authority 

Suitable for: Keen Beginner and Intermediate. 

De-cluttering your inner world for peace, harmony
and fi nancial stability. Intuitive-Sensitives have an
over-developed sense of obligation, this course
brings your world into perspective
Level 3 Tree of Life
Sledgehammer to Co-dependence 

Suitable for: Keen Beginner.

Moving on from people pleasing, compulsive
acceptance-seeking of the co-dependent self
to inter-dependent contentment free of drama.
Level 2 Developing Intuition
For Soul Connection 

Suitable for: Beginner.

Accessing the Omega Point, harmonising the
first 5 layers of the ego to access instant intuition.
Level 1 Mind & Body
Back 2 Balance
Suitable for: Beginner.

Resolving sensitivity exhaustion, fatigue and empathic  overload, releasing the toxic effects of ‘emotional weight’ to bring the system back into balance.
Interested in taking one of these courses?
Each course above is only released for 10 days a year. It is then closed again in order to seal the group and so Heidi can focus her attention on each group as they progress through the material. 

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