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The Consciousness Transformation Kit covers
the 9 Stages of development specific to the Intuitive-Sensitive Person...
Here is the breakdown of
The Consciousness Transformation Kit
Stage 1- Empathic Self 

   - Video 1. What is empathy?
   - Video 2. Why People Make Mistakes
   - Video 3. Why You Have People Around Who Are Not Like You
   - Video 4. Learning the Difference between Enmeshment & Empathy

Stage 2- Psychic Self

   - Video 1. The Difference between Empathic & Psychic Self
   - Video 2. The Psychic Self & The Collective Unconscious
   - Video 3. The Database of Consciousness – How it Works

Meditation: Discovering the Attractors in Your Current Consciousness

Stage 3- Shame

   - Video 1. What is Shame?
   - Video 2. The ‘Child’ Shame & How it Slows Your Development
   - Video 3. Accessing Spiritual Shame

Stage 4- Apathy 

   - Video 1. Spiritual Apathy
   - Video 2. The Challenge of Hopelessness v Will
   - Video 3. Transcending Apathy

Meditation: Harmonising the Parent Energy in Your Inner Room
Stage 5- Grief

   - Video 1. Moving Schools: From Drama to Expansion
   - Video 2. Why Grief &Failure are Your Friend
   - Video 3. The Ego’s Expression & The Desire to Play it Safe

Stage 6- Opening

   - Video 1. Explanation of the Opening Related to Grief School
   - Video 2. Checklist: The Realities of Human Experience
   - Video 3. Attraction Factors - The Opening as the Acceptance of the Dual Meaning of Grief

Stage 7- Neutrality 

   - Video 1. Hold on Tight! Neutral Feels out of Control
   - Video 2. Neutrality: Freedom from Approval
   - Video 3. The Release of Rigidity & Rules
Stage 8- Expansion

   - Video 1. Never Force Expansion into Higher Intuition
   - Video 2. Higher Intuition v Psychic Self
   - Video 3. Acceptance: The Beginning of Recognising Stage 8
   - Video 4. Acceptance as the Freedom from Emotions

Stage 9- Transcendance

   - Video 1. Brief Overview of the Stages
   - Video 2. The Meaning of Transcendence
   - Video 3. Explanation of Consciousness Calibration
   - Video 4. Transcending the Void: Managing a Big Shift in Consciousness
Cinderella’s Shoe?
You’ve now reached that barrier-to-entry point.

The metaphorical “doorman” at the end of the line before you can get into the exclusive ball and become an insider.

What I offer is not elitist BUT it is an elite decision. You've been shown so far a perspective. The ability to internalise a viewpoint of how you see your world and where you're going. Some of which you'll agree with and some you'll not. It will all depend on your experience so far in life. 

There are enough real-world insights and info to go and do this yourself if you’re willing to experiment a bit. Some people enjoy the trial-and-error experience of figuring out the 'finer details'. If that’s you, fantastic. I wish you safe travels.

What’s more, you didn’t NEED to wait until now and still be reading this. If you're off to work it out yourself now is the time, don't read further than here. 

If you're still here then you might be a 'Cinderella Shoe Fit' (concept I've borrowed) one of those people who are the right fit, a Cinderella's shoe match. 

Of course, there’s stuff you don’t know yet. The Consciousness Transformation Kit (CTK) is a big course (9 sessions of videos, exercises and meditations).

If you’re wondering if CTK will even work for your unique situation: It will. 100%. No question... 

If your life involves humans or animals, you want inner transformation, you can be reached online, congratulations, you’re in! Even if you're currently wondering if you're good enough. 
I’ve been very much there myself, wondering if I'm 'enough' to be doing something even though I really want to. I think it comes from being in the last pickings for the team games at school.
And we’ve got a lot of customers across the board.
So Who Is This For?
Below is my insight into a few of the age groups:
Baby Boomers (born: 1946-1964)

If you want to contribute to your family history, collapse the habits of generations past and leave an emotional legacy of connection, then it's time for you to enhance your inner world for maximum life enjoyment. Baby Boomers are much younger than their parents at the same stage in life, you have a long way to go yet, you're health conscious, you've been sensible through your life, now you want something for you. 

It's time to develop your inner world so you can understand the pains of your parents generation, develop enough emotional compassion to understand (if not forgive) the emotional markers they saddled you with because at some point, usually in your 50s+ you question - what's it all for? You then KNOW what to pass on and what to leave behind, whilst watching others of your generation make the mistakes you side-stepped.

Generation X (born: 1965-1981)

If you've spent your life wondering what the future holds then it's time to enhance your inner world because you're fed up waiting for the what ifs of life. Born of the generation who saw their parents having whatever they wanted, you were the first en-mass generation to experience the fallout of divorce. 

You had to learn independence early in life, the first 'latch key kids' you had to deal with the emotions of feeling home alone, postponing children and house purchases. Your motivation is not to repeat the mistakes your parents made, you have elevated anxieties around relationships, especially when it comes to the emotions of feeling 'left'. 

You want to create inner transformation because you're more prone to anxiety and depression. Your generation experienced more stressors related to upbringing and social expectations due to high divorce rates during your developmental years and young adulthood. You've had enough of feeling 'less than'.

Ignoring your emotional needs seemed normal in early life, now though, it's not. You want to claim the happiness, centred clarity that's rightfully yours

Millennials (born: 1982-2000)

You've watched two generations, one that claims the future as theirs (your grandparent's generation) one that's seen the future as disheartening (your parent's generation) into your experience of wondering if you have a future. Your motto is therefore 'live for the moment'.

You've lived from the opportunistic perspective - looking for things to meet your immediate wants, needs and goals. All great but now, you want something to stick, to feel part of a prolonged future which is why you're attracted to harmonising your inner world.

You're of the first generation with 'conscious parents' - those who have a conscious awareness of their effect on their children. Perhaps your parents used this opportunity well or perhaps you've seen it as they 'knew better but chose not to act it', which has left you in a deep space of anxiety, emotional abandonment and wondering if you have a mental health issue that needs to be 'fixed'

Your 'live for today' attitude has now become 'live for tomorrow' as numbness is not an option. You want vibrancy, focus and a sense of emotional ownership of your inner world. Now is the time where you want to grasp it, even perhaps taking your time over it, the rebellious of your generation. 
In Conclusion:
The Consciousness Transformation Kit has been the main frame of my deep online groups (Violet Flame / Lavender Club) for several years now and will continue to be long into the future.  

This isn’t a course about loopholes. There are none.

It’s not a tactics-centric approach.

It’s a strategic system that works to build long-term emotional and spiritual growth, no matter where you're currently at (so long as you have a growth mentality, with the guts to put some effort into your inner world you'll get the output). 

What do I get out?

Attuned communication, emotional balance, the ability to pause before responding, insight into yourself and others, intuition and a morality that corresponds with alignment to the whole rather than separation - in other words you'll feel a deeper sense of true belonging.
Escaping from Wanting External Approval 
Feeling In Control finally in your grasp

Does the Consciousness Transformation Kit (CTK) sound like a 'Cinderella’s Shoe Fit' for you? 

If yes, I'd love to have you:
With Love,  
Heidi x

Back in early in 2016, I decided to start the complicated process of “codifying” Consciousness.

As you now know, it’s the process (method) I use to guide people to raising their vibration rapidly (meaning shifting them from Jennas into Sarahs).

Well, I shared the initial version of The Consciousness Transformation Kit with the members of my Violet Flame group (at the time it was called The Lavender Club), which is my private high-end community, a community people ask me almost daily how they can join. I tell them the same I am going to tell you, the only way to gain access to the Violet Flame is either being an existing customer when I open it up, once a year, or there is a ‘back-door’ which requires you to complete the Consciousness Transformation Kit, so click the button above and request your invitation today


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