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Attend Inspire Ireland
in Dublin on Friday 7th & Saturday 8th April 2017

This is our 4th Annual Conference Specifically for Intuitive-Sensitive People
What does Inspire LOOK like?

Fed up with limitation? 
Inspire is your chance to find the authentic self 

Event Schedule : Friday 7th April
(6.30 - 8.30pm) :  
Expanding Consciousness
   An Experience of the 'Double Self'  

Event Schedule : Saturday 8th April
SECTION 1 (10am - 11am) :  Discover

Surrendering Your Inner Toxic Voice

“Who do you think you are?” “I’m not good enough.” 
Some toxic voices are loud, others are soft and subtle. You feel at times, you’re housing an inner passive aggressive person. 

To accelerate your consciousness, the toxic voice within, must begin the process of surrendering the power it holds. 

This session you’ll discover and experience the power of surrendering the voice within. 

You’ll be keen to do this because the toxic voice holds you to the lower planes within the law of attraction. 
SECTION 2 (11.30 - 1pm) :  Healing

Are they Self-Centered or a Raging Narcissist? Healing Why Difficult People are Attracted to Intuitive-Sensitives

Empathic individuals fear being a burden so they easily end up partnering with their opposite and getting stuck in difficult relationships. 
This session you’ll learn to notice when you’re merged with the wishes, needs and demands of others. You’ll also begin to heal your sacrificed sense of self. 

You’ll be keen to do this because when you unintentionally sacrifice your sense of self, you have no idea what you really want.
SECTION 3 (2.30 - 3.30pm) :  Transformation

The Lessons of Your Past-Lives: How they contribute to Your Purpose 
You inherit the emotional patterns of your ancestors through your DNA. 

- What happens when your inherited emotional patterns, combine with the soul patterns you've accumulated through life times of experience? 
- Is that possible? 
- Do we acquire our soul urge for purpose through the events of our current life time or do we carry lessons from incarnations past? Eastern philosophy and principles say we do. 

This session you’ll journey through your own consciousness to see the relevance of your wisdom past in your life today. 

You’ll want to do this because if you feel stuck, afraid or you procrastinate, this exploration can give you some very clear answers on how to move forward. 
SECTION 4 (4pm - 5pm) :  
Insight Hour

Readings with Heidi 
Readings with Heidi are increasingly difficult to acquire. The waiting list is months long. 

Inspire attendees will be invited to submit their life question and dilemmas during the day for Heidi to answer during this hour. 

Questions that are relevant to the audience as a whole, will take preference. 

During this hour Heidi will answer and take you through a final process to cleanse any dominant stagnant patterns.

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