The Key to Self Esteem
New 3-Week Online Course 
from Heidi Sawyer
"Finally! A way to solve the wound of feeling not quite good enough"
(So you DON'T have to wait in frustration to the point of screaming your requirements)
• Feel loved
• Feel respected
• Deal with situations quickly, efficiently and without waiting to scream in frustration

I transformed my relationship with myself immediately

“The course for me, that had the most impact was HNGE, I would recommend it to anyone because for me it was dealing with the issues that were causing most of the problems: - Low self-esteem, non-belief in myself . . .not feeling worthy. I think until you resolve those issues it's very difficult to move forwards, so for me it was an excellent and a great building block to move forward.” Lorraine Byrnes 

"HINGE Course" will help you...
become aware of what’s lurking in your background thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
Week 1
Video: 'Mastery of Your Personal Space’
Exercise: Accessing Unconscious Obligations
Meditation: Declutter Your Inner Life  
You will Learn:
  • Exactly what the internal panic is and how to resolve it
  • Why decluttering your bedroom will make you comfortably assertive AND improve your bank balance
  • How to resolve the energy that puts life on hold
It’s impossible to take a new step in life when your arms are busy carrying the burdens of the past. This module you’ll learn how to minimise your external obligations, declutter your life without the pain of shame and guilt, to help make this your best year yet.

Week 2
Video: 'Stress Master: When Your Body is Hooked on Stress'
Exercise: What are You ‘Immune’ To?
Meditation: Releasing Stored Drama in the Body 
You will Learn:
  • How to recognise when your body and not your mind, is addicted to stress
  • To recognise through energy symbolism what the body is trying to tell you
  • Emotional detachment without coldness
Knowing what’s been unconsciously pressing your panic buttons in life and solving them, is a key step to sustained self-mastery, deep inner connection, and trust.

Week 3
Video: 'Master of Destiny'
Exercise: Resolving Your Inner ‘Controlling Teenager’ to Unleash Faith in Your Destiny Path
Meditation: Revealing Your Destiny Path - Trust in the Unexpected

You will Learn:
  • How to make a mark on your destiny
  • Why accepting what life throws is the way to take charge
  • Why you’ll need to accept change and how to trust the unexpected
You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.
So Here's What You Will Receive With This Healing Never Good Enough Course
A. You'll get a weekly video for three weeks

B. A transformative exercise and x2 powerful meditations per week

C. The videos explains where you're at, the exercises helps you to find what any lingering issues are and the meditations solve them

D. Each week is time released to you for best digestible results and to prevent any sense of overwhelm.

Take A Full 30 days To Put Me To The Test With My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
If "Healing Never Good Enough"

1.  doesn't show me exactly how to skip past the hard mistakes and obstacles of repeating patterns and go right to the new standard, MY standard... 

2. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to no longer feel side-lined... 

3. or if it fails to help me build success without compromise

 then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
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3 Week Online Course
  • 3 week online course
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 3 Enlightening Exercises
  • 7 Deep Process Meditations
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
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  • 3 week online course
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 3 Enlightening Exercises
  • 7 Deep Process Meditations
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
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  • 3 week online course
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 3 Enlightening Exercises
  • 7 Deep Process Meditations
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With love
Heidi Sawyer

P.S. - The longer you put off Healing Never Good Enough is another moment you let your life time opportunities walk on by because you don't feel worthy of accepting them

I really believe that I am good enough
“Before I did the HNGE course, I actually felt I was never good enough to do anything or be anything in my life. but since I've done the HNGE course - I'm still not fully there yet, but I really believe that I am good enough to be the person that I always wanted to be and always was meant to be” Caroline Fletcher
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Frequenty Asked Questions
How is the course organised?
The course is set out in weekly amounts; some video lessons, a meditation and a journal exercise delivered to you in a safe and secure member's only area. 
Can I pay by PayPal?
Existing members and NON-members can yes. Please click appropriately:

If you are a NEW member and you need to pay by PayPal please contact us (support [at] and we will be able to organise that for you manually. Emailing us will put your countdown timer on hold.

I already feel 'not good enough' why increase the pain by doing this course?
Feeling defeated is a symptom of feeling never good enough. Solving it doesn't mean you then have to re-live unpleasant pain.
The course allows you to experience the opposite, the beginnings of feeling very much good enough. The issue is more the case of sabotaging the good feelings rather than having to re-live bad ones.
Can I go at my own pace?
You can absorb it at your own pace, but I will be sending you easy weekly reminders 

I'm not ready to be truthful with myself. Will the course be any good for me?
You don't have to be truthful with yourself to heal never good enough. Healing never good enough then allows you to start to explore being truthful with yourself and having the courage to adjust in your life what's not working for you. When you feel never good enough you haven't the courage to change things even if people try and push you to. The course is kind to you, when there is kindness it gives you the inner permission to accept your own truth, not a conditioned one.
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