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Healing Never Good EnoughYour Key 
To Self Esteem
Includes access to video lessons, journal exercises, meditations, members only ask 
Heidi sessions
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Joining Gift #1: You'll get a weekly video for three week (valued at £133)
  • Joining Gift #2: A transformative exercise and x2 powerful meditations per week (valued at £193)
  • The videos explains where you're at, the exercises helps you to find what any lingering issues are and the meditations solve them
  • Each week is time released to you for best digestible results and to prevent any sense of overwhelm.
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    What clients say 
    about the course
    ¨I transformed my relationship with myself immediately¨
    “The course for me, that had the most impact was HNGE, I would recommend it to anyone because for me it was dealing with the issues that were causing most of the problems: - Low self-esteem, non-belief in myself . . .not feeling worthy. I think until you resolve those issues it's very difficult to move forwards, so for me it was an excellent and a great building block to move forward.” Lorraine Byrnes 
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