The Enlightenment Programme
Engaging Emotional Intelligence for True Connection
       If you really want to:

• Feel calm and connected  
• Access your higher levels of emotional intelligence so you can make great decisions
• See your life from the higher levels of consciousness
• Become a ‘super-normie’

Imagine what your life looks like when you can:

• Feel calm and centred
• Have confidence in your decisions and say “No” when necessary
• Stop over pleasing and be less self-critical
• Show kindness to yourself and therefore feel less resentment of your kindness to others

                 If that resonates with you then this is what you’ll get:

A powerful and comprehensive three week course to reveal and stabilise emotional intelligence through enlightenment.  
• This follows the FAR system of implementation for powerful, systemised results
• All in a private course only members area

Week 1: Foundation: Releasing the ‘Shock’ of Vibration to Physical Life 
Week 1
You’ll discover and resolve stored shock trauma which disrupted your nervous system development sequence prior to the age of 18 months

Meditation 1: Releasing Consciousness Shock
Meditation 2: Resolving Nervous System Disruption

Week 2: Acknowledgement: Spiritual Principles Re-organising Your Nervous System
Week 2
You’ll journey through how spiritual principles re-organise your nervous system and connect you to unconditional love through the different layers of consciousness

Meditation: View Through the Hippocampus to Access Unconditional Love

Week 3: Revelation: Soul & Personality Unite for Deep Connection & Emotional Intelligence
Week 3
You’ll experience the soul and personality combination for a new level of deep connection. This level of consciousness transforms relationships through increased emotional intelligence

Meditation: Accessing Deep Connection
Meditation: Enlightenment

You Will Also Receive The Bonuses Below...

Bonus 1:
FAR Personal Self Evaluation for Emotional Intelligence

Bonus 2:
Harnessing the Triplicity of Instinct, Intellect & Intuition Meditation

Bonus 3:
Fussy Power: Emotional Intelligence for Relationships

FAR quick processes and deep meditations are given to you in a specific order which allows you to maximise your transformation 
You’ll receive clear reminders emailed to you which allows you to stay on track 
                  This will work even if:
  • You feel you’re too much of a beginner and there is no way you can learn this stuff
  • You’ve never really done anything like this before and you’re hesitant because you worry you’re not good enough
  • You feel raw inside and don’t think you’re brave enough
  • You think it will take too long and you’re too busy
  • You think it’s too painful to feel, it’s easier to avoid
"HINGE Course" will help you...
become aware of what’s lurking in your background thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
Week 1
Video: 'Mastery of Your Personal Space’
Exercise: Accessing Unconscious Obligations
Meditation: Declutter Your Inner Life  
You will Learn:
  • Exactly what the internal panic is and how to resolve it
  • Why decluttering your bedroom will make you comfortably assertive AND improve your bank balance
  • How to resolve the energy that puts life on hold
It’s impossible to take a new step in life when your arms are busy carrying the burdens of the past. This module you’ll learn how to minimise your external obligations, declutter your life without the pain of shame and guilt, to help make this your best year yet.

Week 2
Video: 'Stress Master: When Your Body is Hooked on Stress'
Exercise: What are You ‘Immune’ To?
Meditation: Releasing Stored Drama in the Body 
You will Learn:
  • How to recognise when your body and not your mind, is addicted to stress
  • To recognise through energy symbolism what the body is trying to tell you
  • Emotional detachment without coldness
Knowing what’s been unconsciously pressing your panic buttons in life and solving them, is a key step to sustained self-mastery, deep inner connection, and trust.

Week 3
Video: 'Master of Destiny'
Exercise: Resolving Your Inner ‘Controlling Teenager’ to Unleash Faith in Your Destiny Path
Meditation: Revealing Your Destiny Path - Trust in the Unexpected

You will Learn:
  • How to make a mark on your destiny
  • Why accepting what life throws is the way to take charge
  • Why you’ll need to accept change and how to trust the unexpected
You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.
What our clients say

"Heidi Sawyer goes beyond the understanding"

"I've never come across anybody who can do that"

"they just think, bit of a freak, why are you asking that"

Take A Full 30 days To Put Me To The Test With My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
If The Enlightenment Programme

1.  doesn't show me exactly how to skip past the hard mistakes and obstacles of repeating patterns and go right to the new standard, MY standard... 

2. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to no longer feel side-lined... 

3. or if it fails to help me build success without compromise

 then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

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 to win what everyone wants
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As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
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3 Week Online Course
  • 3 week online course
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 3 Journal Exercises
  • 3 Meditations
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
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  • 3 week online course
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 3 Journal Exercises
  • 3 Meditations
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
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  • 3 week online course
  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 3 Journal Exercises
  • 3 Meditations
  • Powerful Webinar Replay
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Heidi Sawyer

P.S. - The longer you put off Enlightenment is another moment you let your life time opportunities walk on by because you don't feel worthy of accepting them

Frequenty Asked Questions
How is the course organised?
The course is set out in weekly amounts; some video lessons, a meditation and a journal exercise delivered to you in a safe and secure member's only area. 
Can I pay by PayPal?
Existing members and NON-members can yes. Please click appropriately:

If you are a NEW member and you need to pay by PayPal please contact us (support [at] and we will be able to organise that for you manually. Emailing us will put your countdown timer on hold.

I've only just started my path. Am I ready for enlightenment or is this too soon?
Starting at enlightenment is suitable if you feel unsure of your path because it will help you build the confidence to deal with the things you know in life you need to deal with but you're currently afraid to. The course is designed to help you dissolve the uncomfortable without having to feel it.
How much is this course in my currency?
The Heidi Sawyer Group is a UK based company so our prices are processed in GBP.
However as a guide (from, the EXISTING member price in USD is $120 or EUR is €113
I'm not sure I understand enlightenment. I like the idea of it but I'm not sure I understand it. Will this stop the course from benefiting me?
You do not have to understand enlightenment in order to benefit from this course. Enlightenment is a journey of expansion. If you're ready to change something in your life then this course is suitable for you because it tackles the core issues you face on the journey to expansion
Can I go at my own pace?
You can absorb it at your own pace, but I will be sending you easy weekly reminders 

What happens next?

When you click your Add to Cart button we will create your very own personal account inside our beautiful new “Intuitive-Sensitives Online Learning Environment":

You simply login to your private, safe and secure Home Page and then find the "Start Here" button of your new course.
We are so proud of our new 'home' and we have received such positive feedback from our existing clients.  

Here's one of the emails we received very recently from a self-confessed "technophobe":

"Mega clear text with beautiful graphics and so good the way one thing leads on to another swiftly and easily.  

Someone is highly intuitive and sensitive regarding the colours and designs they are really good.

Thanks for making everything so clear, easy and attractive.
All the best
We are sure you will also love learning in this clear 'head-space'. 

See you on the inside.

With love

Heidi x
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