Develop Your Intuition
  for Soul Connection
If you really want to:

• Develop your intuition for soul connection
• Move on from internal pressure
• Know the difference between when it's 'you' and when it's 'them'
• Trust your relationship decisions

Imagine what your life looks like when you can:

• Feel your intuition is a huge asset, because you KNOW truth
• When you no longer feel emotionally afraid because your intuition is highly reliable 
• Feel your relationships are authentic connections
Unafraid to let go of what doesn't work for you because you no longer fear inexplicable guilt 

If that resonates with you then this is what you’ll get:

• A powerful, fast acting course for soul connection so you can feel comfortable with your life decisions
• This follows video, meditation and exercise route for powerful results
• All in a private 'course only' easy to use members area
A Transformational Course from Heidi Sawyer...
Developing Intuition for Soul Connection
Module 1
Module 1: Soul Truth

You’ll discover how to feel safe in your body, understand your triggers for empathic overload and gain the crucial respect for your sensitivity. You’ll really want to do this because it is the key to inner calmness and the ability to build on your development.

1. How to Develop Accuracy in Your Intuition
2. The Omega Point & the First 5 Layers of the Ego Impacting Your Intuitive Capacity
3. Instant Intuition
4. The Difference between Intuition & Psychic Ability
5. Neutralising the First Two Layers of the 5 Layers of the Ego

ExerciseDeveloping Soul Trust - Resolving the Aloof Self & Over-Giving

Revealing the Intuitive- Self Meditation

Module 2
Module #2: The Drive to Search & Seek

You’ll discover the relationship patterns running your unconscious and start to heal any insecure attachments. You’ll want this because it gets to the core of emotional memory stored in your nervous system without you having to experience it.

1. Identifying Your Unconscious Patterns Reflected through Intuitive Impulses
2. Apathy as an Ego Contraction Impacting Intuition
3. The Four Reasons Apathy / Numbing Creeps into the Life of an Intuitive-Sensitive Person
4. How Apathy Blocks Intuition & How to Solve It
5. Polishing the Diamond of Our Emotional History

Exercise: Genuine & Fake: Identifying Unconscious Patterns in the way of Wholesome Relationships

Revealing the Soul's Desire for Soul Mate Relationships with Self & Others

Module 3
Module #3: Relieving Pressure

You’ll discover how to manage anxiety and resolve early conditioning. You’ll want this because it’s time to heal your deep needs for approval.

1. Energy & The Opening of the Third Eye
2. How Energy Works
3. When you’re Looking at Energy Through Frightened Sensors

Exercise: Recognising the Difference between Psychic Fear & Soul Stretching

Meeting of the Psychic & Soul Self on the Astral Plane

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"HINGE Course" will help you...
become aware of what’s lurking in your background thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
Week 1
Video: 'Mastery of Your Personal Space’
Exercise: Accessing Unconscious Obligations
Meditation: Declutter Your Inner Life  
You will Learn:
  • Exactly what the internal panic is and how to resolve it
  • Why decluttering your bedroom will make you comfortably assertive AND improve your bank balance
  • How to resolve the energy that puts life on hold
It’s impossible to take a new step in life when your arms are busy carrying the burdens of the past. This module you’ll learn how to minimise your external obligations, declutter your life without the pain of shame and guilt, to help make this your best year yet.

Week 2
Video: 'Stress Master: When Your Body is Hooked on Stress'
Exercise: What are You ‘Immune’ To?
Meditation: Releasing Stored Drama in the Body 
You will Learn:
  • How to recognise when your body and not your mind, is addicted to stress
  • To recognise through energy symbolism what the body is trying to tell you
  • Emotional detachment without coldness
Knowing what’s been unconsciously pressing your panic buttons in life and solving them, is a key step to sustained self-mastery, deep inner connection, and trust.

Week 3
Video: 'Master of Destiny'
Exercise: Resolving Your Inner ‘Controlling Teenager’ to Unleash Faith in Your Destiny Path
Meditation: Revealing Your Destiny Path - Trust in the Unexpected

You will Learn:
  • How to make a mark on your destiny
  • Why accepting what life throws is the way to take charge
  • Why you’ll need to accept change and how to trust the unexpected
You’ll feel comfortable moving forward with confidence, knowing, and feeling more able to access what you want from life.
This will work even if:
  • You're sensitive but don't regard yourself as intuitive
  • Even if in the past you’ve failed to adjust your inner world and have tripped back into old patterns
  • You’re not sure if your intuition is good enough
  • You’re convinced you’ll never manage to change your relationship dynamics
  • You worry you’re too much of a beginner and haven’t done anything like this before
  • You think it will take too long and you’re too busy to transform
  • You’re uncertain you need help with getting back on track
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"I've never come across anybody who can do that"

"they just think, bit of a freak, why are you asking that"

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P.S. - The longer you put off developing your intuition the longer you see your sensitivity as a burden. You'll always be sensitive, so the quicker you harness it for good, the quicker you find your sense of purpose and soul mate connections. 

Save time in your life: 
3 Steps to Being More Intuitive When it Comes to Difficult People
Frequenty Asked Questions
1. What if I’ve never done any meditations before?
The meditations are suitable even if you’ve never done meditation before. Most people have a concentration span of no more than between twelve and fifteen minutes. All the meditations are in line with this timing and start with a process to calm a busy mind.  >> Back to FAQ
2. Are the exercises easy to do and will they really help me?
The exercises are very easy to follow and will give you an instant experience of more depth. >> Back to FAQ

3. I’m not very good on computers, is it easy to understand and get the content?
The course is presented in a members area specifically designed to be very easy to use. In addition, we have a support team who are kind, friendly, sensitive and understand. No questions are stupid questions, so if you need help with anything, please ask. >> Back to FAQ

4. My internet connection isn’t strong. Do I have to be online when I view the content?
No. You can download the files to your computer and then view them offline whenever it suits you. >> Back to FAQ

5. Can I return to the content once the course is finished?
Yes you can return to all content at any time, we encourage you to revisit / re-experience material. >> Back to FAQ

6. What if I want to go faster than the weekly release of content?
Our courses are time released for maximum results because your mind needs time to digest between content pieces. Our content is always delivered in a precise order so it is both powerful and strongly considers your emotional well-being. Once you have done the course once, you can then revisit in any order. If you want material in it’s entirety now because you want to pick and choose what you do, this course is not suitable for you. >> Back to FAQ 

7. How many hours do I need to invest to get results?
Approximately 60 to 90 minutes a week for three weeks. Each video is broken down into small parts so the hour to 1.5 hours doesn’t need to be all at once. >> Back to FAQ

8. Is this a beginner’s course?
All our courses are powerful content expressed through video, audio and written (self- reporting, nothing has to be shared) when exercises are present. This is to maximise your learning style even if you’re nervous. This course is suitable for a beginner if you are willing to develop a new level of self-awareness and want to give it a go. We have a very efficient support system and do our best to help you at any time. It is unsuitable for you as a beginner if you are VERY frightened of self- awareness. A little bit frightened is fine.>> Back to FAQ

9. Can I download the content to my computer so I can watch it off-line?
Yes all files are downloadable >> Back to FAQ

10. What’s the return policy?
30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, tell us, we refund no questions asked. >> Back to FAQ

11. Can I pay by PayPal?
Yes. The links are on the page or please contact [email protected] if you need assistance or if you'd like us to raise an invoice so you can claim the investment against your business as a training expense. >> Back to FAQ

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Someone is highly intuitive and sensitive regarding the colours and designs they are really good.

Thanks for making everything so clear, easy and attractive.
All the best
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