Closed Groups: 
Your Opportunity to Work with Heidi in Person 
Join a small group of committed individuals who want to take their inner work to the next level

  •  Topic focussed transformative inner work 
  •  Accelerated healing opportunity
  •  Find ‘home’ within yourself by working with others the same as you
  •  Be part of a small group for individual focus
  •  Experience fast-track inner direction 
  •  Share and develop your inner transformation skills
Closed Groups are where intense but happy inner-work happens, join one
Client Transformation Stories
I don’t think I have ever felt the degree of safety of being myself, in my life, as I do now.” 
Janet L. -USA
I no longer need to know what’s next; I have found my optimistic smiling self again.”
Veronique V-M. -Netherlands
Now everything seems possible, I can happily enjoy and experience any rollercoaster in life presented to me.”
Sandra S. -Ireland
The Closed Group Application Process
1. Pick Your Date
2. Confirm Your Session
3. Fill out Your Questionnaire
What to Expect When You Book Your Seat and What Happens on the Day
Closed Groups are one day intense inner work events with Heidi. Group sizes are a maximum of 12 people in the UK and 14 in Ireland. On occasion these groups are smaller if Heidi feels the topic warrants a smaller group. If this is the case, the group is closed before all spaces have been taken.

Heidi reviews constantly who is due to attend a group and seeks to get a feel for those attending ahead of the date. She’ll do this because she works to the energy of the people for that event. All closed groups are unique even if it covers the same topic as a previous one.  
Master Your Inner World - Join a Closed Group Today
You may be asked to complete a questionnaire ahead of your Closed Group. Heidi asks this if she wants a wider, but private picture of those attending. Heidi is always deeply respectful of personal information so attendees can be sure they feel no pressure to share information during the event they’re not ready to. 

Join a Closed Group today by making your selection from the Closed Groups currently available to Circle, Midas Recovery and Violet Flame members only. This is to ensure all Closed Group attendees are familiar with how Heidi works and have a suitable level of self- awareness. 
To express and share your ideas about the inner-world join a Closed Group
What's My Investment?

Do you like quick, straight to the point guidance? Do you steer clear of fluffy information? Do you feel you are doing the work but want more insight and guidance about how to move around seemingly immovable blocks in your path? Are you committed to your inner development? If your answer is yes to one or all of these questions, consider a Closed Group session as an investment in yourself.

You could of course work it out on your own, search for the answers, or you could take the short-cut and do what many people have done before you and use Heidi’s guidance.
UK - 24th February 
NEXT EVENT : Healing Your Silent Child Closed Group
TIMES : 10am - 4pm 
LOCATION : London Gatwick [easy transport links]
This event is very nearly sold out
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Ireland - 3rd March
NEXT EVENT : Healing Your Silent Child Closed Group
TIMES : 10am - 4pm
LOCATION : D4 area of Dublin [easy transport links]
This event is very nearly sold out
When you click on the above button you will be taken to Heidi's booking system. 
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About Your Guide
Heidi Sawyer has a post-graduate diploma in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness & Spirituality. She is the author of several books on intuitive sensitivity and highly intuitive traits in people. Heidi has a natural, very strong intuitive ability.

Since 1996 she has worked with more than 65,000 sensitive people guiding their transformation. Heidi reads energy not people and is therefore known for speed and clarity.

She uses an integrated approach to help sensitive people overcome emotional trauma, gain clarity and create transformation using the power of the unconscious. 
 How do you know if you’re ready for a Closed Group?
Closed Groups are an investment in yourself. 

The investment is significant for a day event. 

You'll want to be sure a Closed Group is for you because no one wants to waste their time. 

Closed Groups have been happening for years although this is likely to be the first time you've had access. 

Why no access until now?

Previous Closed Group attendees have usually secured all spaces before release, therefore we've always been heavily oversubscribed.

Heidi has now expanded her timetable to include new dates so Circle members can join these special events. Heidi facilitates the groups, you're the one with the power of transformation. Closed Group attendees come away with a "Wow, I didn't know I could do that" experience.

Why are they special? These are powerful small group environments where you'll feel completely protected, able to access your inner world to a level you've never experienced before, and you'll feel the ability to implement what you've learnt over the years. 

The Rules

You are invited to something that feels for attendees, sacred. We are therefore adamant as to the rules of respect within a Closed Group. This ensures you get the best from your experience.

You will be treated with respect and kindness and we therefore expect all attendees to follow suit. Closed Groups are about transformation, deep work and allowing your mind to be open. 

You will need to be used to the way Heidi works with a group hence the reason Closed Groups have a Circle membership minimum requirement.

These sessions work with the right brain hemisphere, they are not academic or involve a lot of memorising facts or information, they are about you. 
At what point in your life should you choose a Closed Group?

When a subject area for a Closed Group appeals to you or resonates

When you want transformation rather than just dabbling

When you're going through a change in life such as a new path or considering one

You want to accelerate your healing from a past or present trauma

You want to find 'home' within yourself 

Closed Groups are for you if you are serious about your development.
Heidi’s speciality is to guide you through life changes or challenges or help you heal from past upsetting experiences and open to a transforming future, experience a deeper level of consciousness and explore your awareness through a different perspective. If you’re just curious and want a less involved session then chose one of our workshops or Masterclasses.
UK Closed Group there is a maximum of 12 spaces. On occasion, Heidi will close prior to the 12 person limit. Ireland the maximum is 14 spaces but again, on occasion, Heidi will close prior to the limit. 
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