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                From : Heidi Sawyer
Dear Fellow Intuitive-Sensitive,

 - You want to be clearer about your purpose and where you fit in life
 - You want to develop your intuition
 - You want to know yourself better
 - You want to feel a strong sense of belonging with people who completely ‘get you’

The primary goal of The Circle is to help you realise your intuitive-sensitive self is a fantastic gift in life and not a curse; something to cherish, develop and be proud of.

Your quiet sensitivity, highly ethical nature, empathic and intuitive being is now highly sought after in the world. Companies now actively look for people like you, but don’t know where to find you.

Why can't they find you?

Because you’re hiding.

You hide your true nature. It’s tucked away out of sight as though it’s an unhealthy weakness. You’ve been taught you have to ‘toughen up’, be more ruthless and step on a few people.

The fact you refuse to is your greatest asset and shows how strong you actually are.

In a world now of...
  - commodities
  - the cheapest price
  - cost effective labour markets in other territories and 
  - automation 

...the ‘new’ highly desired skills are those of people who are REAL people. The qualities a robot or recorded message do not have.

That’s you.

The trouble is, you’ve lost your confidence. You’ve perhaps not had to date an outlet for that delightful nature, the opportunity to test it for you to shine. Maybe you grew up in an environment where sensitivity or intuition, was seen as a weakness. 

Perhaps you have reason to doubt yourself; your relationship history hasn’t always been supportive and you’ve wondered if you really can be that intuitive. 

Now you have an opportunity to feel confident in who you are, developing a relationship with yourself - in a safe and supportive environment.

I am making this special offer to you as a special promotion for 2018 so you can finally make lasting change in your life.

I am now giving you a 30 day trial for just £1 (approx. $1.30), to see if The Circle is a fit for you. To see if we share the same values in life.

When you click the blue button below you will be given immediate unrestricted access to The Circle for 30 days

But that's not all...

Have you ever had to deal with difficult people? 

Lots of our members have had to, which is why I am including an additional joining Gift worth £33 (approx. $43) called: "Free to Be Me: Release the Weight of the Inner Critic", which is a complete Mini-Course you will love.

Have you ever worried excessively about what others think even if they're mean to you?

Lots of our members have in the past, which is why I am including an additional joining Gift worth £33 (approx. $43) called: "Healing Your Inner Shame Freeze: Stuck & Can't Move Forward", which is a complete Mini-Course you will love.

Oh I almost forgot, the most popular Mini-Course I have ever created is called: "Adrenal Fatigue: 5 Easy Personal Development Steps to Reducing Adrenal Fatigue" in Sensitive People, which has proven to be incredibly helpful, specifically for those of our members who feel tired all the time, which is why I am including this additional joining Gift worth £33 (approx. $43).

You have just invested in one of these Mini-Courses, I am now offering you immediate access to 3 more.

You get the complete set of these 3 Getting Started Mini-Courses for only £1 (approx. $1.30). Each one has been valued at £33, that's an immediate saving of £99 (approx. $129).

What's the catch? 

There is no catch, this is a simple 'try before you buy' offer. 

You might like The Circle or you might not, either is fine, at least you gave it a try. That's all I ask - give it a try. If it's not for you, you will know pretty quickly.

I am asking you to click the blue button below and pay just £1 (approx. $1.30) - then watch all of the videos, download all of the bonus content and attend at least one live private online event in the next 30 days.

If you want to cancel you can do so at any time with just one email. Simply reply to any email we ever send you and that's it done. No confrontation, no ill feeling, no fuss. 

We have one rule; you either LOVE being a member or you cancel. Simple.

On the other-hand if you love being a member, and I'm confident you will, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this letter, you don't have to do anything - you will automatically convert to full Circle member at the discounted rate of only £15 (approx. $19) a month (standard website price is £19.97/m ($26) and there is no £1 trial). 

Think about it, that's the price of one of those fancy cups of coffee a week, for access to me and hundreds of other people who live in and see the world in the same way you do. You are not alone. 

I have been actively looking for you and you have perhaps unknowingly been searching for us.

I know the service I offer is what you have been looking for, let me prove it to you. 

If you like depth and you want to go deep, you will be going deeper than you have ever gone before and you are going to love it.

Remember you get unlimited access to the Circle for a full 30 days as well as immediate access to all three fast-start bonus Mini-Courses...

  1. Free to Be Me: Release the Weight of the Inner Critic Mini-Course and
  2. Healing Your Inner Shame Freeze: Stuck & Can't Move Forward Mini-Course and
  3. Adrenal Fatigue: 5 Easy Personal Development Steps to Reducing Adrenal Fatigue in Sensitive People

...for only £1 (approx. $1.30) for the next 30 days.

If this letter resonates with you then I know you, me and the Circle will be a good fit.

Join us today and realise you are not alone.

With love, 
Terms: I understand this is a 30-Day trial. If I like being a member, then I don't have to do anything, my trial membership will automatically convert to a paying membership, at the discounted rate of only £15/m (approx. $19) (that's the cost of a fancy cup of coffee per week).

If however I decide to cancel then I simply send one email to [email protected] and no more money will be taken from my account.
When you click on the blue button above, please wait a few seconds for your order to be processed.

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Meet some of your fellow members...
We asked some of Heidi's Circle members...
What has changed in your life since you
 became a Circle member?
Read some of their answers below...

"I am less in need to know what's next, found my optimistic smiling self again"

I have less obstacles in my life, and when I have them I am able to shift it more easily or understand what's up, what I can learn and move on.

I am finally coming down to the nitty gritty of my own issues not everyone else's. I really am starting to have the bird's-eye view of every major event in my life. And I am less in need to know what's next. I am even finding my optimistic smiling self again. People also react to it. 

When I left my old department I received very deep felt messages of my colleagues of how they would miss my presence and how much I have been appreciated. Something I have never ever heard before in my life... I cried buckets about this reflexion of how I am perceived! 

And I find that now people and even strangers look at me, sometimes do a double take. I have come to realize that what they see is my light. I am not under a pile of clutter anymore! 

Veronique V-M. Netherlands

"Heidi provided a body, mind and soul approach and one that went deeper than I have ever gone before"

I was burned out and run down after an extremely stressful couple of years. After l joined I almost immediately I faced a major life challenge when my health collapsed and I ended up in hospital. I had many tests for various serious conditions though thankfully all the results were normal. I have slowly recovered and am now only experiencing fatigue as all the other symptoms have resolved.

I see all these challenges as an opportunity for personal growth and I have been pushed up against the fear of death or disability as the doctors checked out heart and brain conditions though somehow through it all I felt it was all happening for a reason and whatever the outcome all would be well.

Heidi's Club has been the major support for me and whilst main stream medicine checked out my body, Heidi provided a body, mind and soul approach and one that went deeper than I have ever gone before. I have had the opportunity to re-evaluate and regroup and as I step back into my life it will be interesting how my new and deeper understandings will manifest. In the meantime I have learnt not to be so tough on myself!

Christine N. UK

"I feel calmer & every area of my life has been improved"

The main challenges I was experiencing in my life were lack of boundaries, co-dependence and not feeling good enough. Always accepting unacceptable behavior and honestly believing that was all I was worth 
They are still there but not to the same degree they once were. I now notice when I find myself slipping back into past behaviors and sometimes I am able to change how I react.

I am finally starting to understand that I am worth putting time and effort into, instead of worrying about everyone else and their needs. Sometimes I amaze myself and am actually able to say NO.

I am starting to feel there are more steps forward than back and I no-longer feel like I am running around in circles - like I have done for most of my life. This alone has made me forever grateful to everyone connected to Heidi's Club. 

I am also starting to feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train trying to run me over.

Gail I. Australia

"I don't think I have ever felt the degree of safety of being myself, in my life, as I do now."

Last year this time I was unwell with lymes (an autoimmune dis-ease), I was literally in the dark and lost, self-isolating just to survive. Full of inner criticism, mistrust and self-doubt. I had no sense of myself, as an individual, except to please others, as well as an immense fear of abandonment.

By taking ownership of being an Intuitive-Sensitive, I am seeing all of those challenges in varied degrees of gifts now. 

The fears and self-loathing have transformed into more love and care to myself first and then to others. I no longer feel victimized by my circumstances and experiences. There has been a rebirth of my creativity and imagined possibilities for me. I am a member of many clubs now and I am socially and physically active once more.

I have released 30 lbs and feel younger and more alive as my authentic self. The monthly surveys, videos, meditations, etc. have led me towards living a move intuitively driven life.  

A new lease on life with a tool belt of re-purposing my skills and experiences intuitively.

Janet L. USA

"Heidi helped me ignite the spark within me to want to live fully and purposefully, and gave me the life line"

She also reinforces my understanding that my life path and purpose has nothing to do with finding the "right" job, work or career. Whether I continue to work as a freelance sweets artisan or not, it does not define who I am nor determine my worth. 

Her transmutative and transformative monthly sessions allows me to learn, un-learn, re-learn and practice again, and again, and again how to feel my emotions in its entirety so that it has a chance to be released completely.  

Nancy G. Singapore 

"I feel better able to handle my sensitivity and use it to my advantage"

Before I became a member, I felt very isolated and alone due to my sensitivity. I felt as if I was flawed and there was something wrong with me. Only when I started listening to Heidi's lectures and webinars, did I understand how I became a sensitive and how it has impacted my life. 

I have always had a low grade anxiety playing in the background, but that has significantly subsided, since I've been in this programme. 

I feel better able to handle my sensitivity and use it to my advantage, in fact I am more intuitive now then ever before.

Brigitte M. UK

"I have the tools to heal and transform my life and move forward"

I was experiencing challenges with my health, family relationships, my business and my finances and I lacked clarity and focus.

My health has improved and I am no longer affected by family dramas. I am focusing more on my business, and my finances are beginning to improve. I have more clarity and things no longer affect me in the same way.

I am able to feel things more deeply and I have a greater understanding about how issues in our own past and that of our ancestors can still create problems in our present day life. But now I have the tools to heal and transform my life and move forward

Debbie F. UK

"I feel calmer & every area of my life has been improved"

Trust in my intuition has increased, so decision making is easier. 

Inside, I feel calmer and every area of my life has been improved; my relationship with my husband, having our new home, new business collaboration opportunities that are fun and support my growth.

Marina D. UK

"Now everything seems possible, happily enjoy and experience any rolllercoaster presented to me"

I was experiencing confusion about direction and purpose in most areas of my life, almost zombie like, numb and frustrated.

Now everything seems possible, happily enjoy and experience any rolllercoaster presented to me and excited about the future and what might lay ahead.

I feel I have more understanding of what is happening to me and those around me. Less feeling attached to outcome and more focused in here and now. Feeling less overwhelm as not so focused on whats ahead as all seems more manageable now. Focused not worried about outcome, knowing and control. 

NOTE: Love now using the word "feel" and understand it, numb no more!

Sandra S. Ireland

"I am not so bothered with what others might think of me."

After doing some other courses and now working through with Heidi's club, I have changed without "noticing". I do not feel insecure in this low-self-esteem way anymore. 

I find myself a bit like NIKE...just do it. I am not so bothered with what others might think of me

I feel I have become closer to just being myself and have started to live life amongst the rest of the world. It is really nice by the way! ;-) Fun! 

I have spent so many years feeling scared of people and "Life". I also find it much easier to see things clearer. It is not so muddy anymore - I manage to sort out my feelings faster and they do not seem so confusing anymore. I like myself! It is clearer. I also feel faster how other people are - it has become easier to manage other people around me, especially those who want to eat you for breakfast.

Vibeke H. Norway
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