The Ultimate Intuitive & Spiritual Development Shortcut

From: Heidi Sawyer, Course Director

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you £45

That’s the “bad news.”

Now for The Good News…

In exchange for this small investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could give an Intuitive-Sensitive Person.

Are you feeling unappreciated? Misunderstood or alone?
These are some of the emotions Intuitive-Sensitives feel. Sometimes your own feelings, sometimes it feels you're 'looking after' someone else's.
The Circle is entry to connection...

PLUS a whole lot more.

First, I have a question for you…

Are you tired of feeling you’re great at supporting others, but who REALLY knows you?

Haunted by memories of criticism, humiliation and questioning where you ‘fit in’

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax, let-go and have someone ‘get you’ for a change?

You work your socks off, yet still feel at times, unappreciated.

The new foundation of high trust leadership is born of high self-worth and esteem.

However, this isn’t natural to the Intuitive-Sensitive.
The Intuitive-Sensitive has the innate ability for leadership in this new era except for one thing...

You’ve spent your whole life being told to ‘toughen up’ and ‘get real.

The truth is…

You are real and no, you don’t need to numb yourself out of life by toughening up.

But you do need to get on with embracing your key skills, your passions and start to move human nature to a new level of humanity.

This is what gives the Intuitive-Sensitive person meaning in this new age.

Withdrawing into the background isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The new path means overcoming commitment issues caused by a fear of unpredictable outcomes.

The new leadership path is the route of vulnerability, the dumping of self-obsession and becoming unafraid of failure.

It’s about coming out of the shadows into the world of contribution.

The Circle is about high trust leadership but without the ‘ra-ra’ approach.

It’s not about avoiding fear, it’s about support and the courage to hit whatever is psychologically in your way, head-on.

It will take you through the experiences of your inner world, to expose your true skills.

You’ll make great friends with the shadow self, erode the influence of co-dependence and move into the empowered self through self-knowledge and confident commitment.
I too, have done all the people pleasing there is…

It worked for a while, eventually though, the bubble burst, it took my health with it....

As my sensitivity increased, my intuitive nature, grabbed me by the hand...

It took me on a very explosive journey into what it would be like without ANY health.

Lying on an operating table...

with zero options, a wish and a prayer...

 I made the ultimate commitment…

It was to a life beyond survival, beyond ‘getting by’ and one that embraced who I was without any excuses.

Today, I live that reality – a commitment to live a life free of maybe, should-be and regrets
The Circle is designed to ignite the soul urge of the Intuitive-Sensitive
The Intuitive-Sensitive will find themselves in most parts of the service industry. 

They are....

the doctor
 the business and life coach
 the therapist
 the lawyer
 the accountant
 the aspiring office worker who needs more connection and customer face-time.

They are the home-maker who wants to branch out into learning more about themselves in order to make the best of family relationships and heal rifts.

They are people who care, they want to make the difference...

 yet have become disillusioned with set-backs and hold-ups.....  all of which will disappear once they engage their true path.
What You Are Committing To

You are with £45 committing to three months of The Circle 

You are ALSO receiving a three-module course worth £77 for FREE

titled : 
Sledgehammer to Co-dependence ~ Overcoming the Martyr, Approval Seeker & Dog’s Body Within
I’m asking you to make a three month commitment to yourself.

After that, if you want to remain a member like many others, stick with it…

If not, then no bad feelings, you made a commitment…

You pushed into your high-trust leadership self.

The alternative, is to buy the three-module course, for the standard price of £77 
Circle Membership
You Are Not Alone on Your Journey
The Circle provides on-going Answers & Support for Intuitive-Sensitive People
  • 1 monthly LIVE member only Group Healing Session with Heidi
  • 1 monthly LIVE member only Topic of the Month presentation session with Heidi
  • Member only replay sessions and back catalogue
  • Access to member only meditations and tutorials
  • Interaction with fellow members during the LIVE sessions (if you want to)
  • Significant discounts on in-person workshops, products and 1-2-1 sessions with Heidi
  • Priority access to in-person events with Heidi
  • Members also get included with their membership my very popular Life Codes Personalisation Series. Non-members pay £15 each for this, you get them for free 

For example would you like to:

  • Learn How To Find Your Perfect Career Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number 
  • Learn How To Have Perfect Relationships Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number
  • Learn How To Make Perfect Decisions Specific for Your Individual Life Code Number
Three-Module Course –
You Get this for FREE with Your Circle Membership
Sledgehammer to Co-dependence ~
Overcoming the Martyr, Approval Seeker & Dog’s Body Within
  • Module 1: DISCOVER
  • Expect with this part of the course to understand what motivates you from your unconscious world. This helps with procrastination, solving inner doubt and low energy.
  • Video: Establishing Your Core Values – Moving Beyond ‘Fitting In’
  • Exercise: What’s Mine & What’s Yours? Solving Unexplained Guilt
  • Meditation: Resolving Failure in the Conscious Self

  • Module 2: RESOLVE
  • The Tree of Life is a 2,000+ year system of mapping how life works. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘destiny’ really means, this section will help you work out yours.
  • Video: The Tug of Will & Love – The 8 ‘Rules’ of Life Success
  • Exercise: Accepting Life Success
  • Meditation: Where are You without Your Comfort Zone?

  • Module 3: PEACE
  • You’ll experience what it’s like to feel free of internal pressure. Often for something to shift in our inner world, we have to experience what it’s like to both, feel free and pass through our shadow world. This section will take you from fear into freedom.
  • Video: Emerging the Beautiful Self: What You ‘Look Like’ Free of the Martyr, Approval Seeker & Dog’s Body Within
  • Exercise: Who Has Sneaked into Your Inner World? – Clearing the Sub-Conscious
  • Meditation: Journey Through the Tree of Life ~ Darth to the Whole-Self

What our clients say 

“The leadership course is a resounding wake-up call to all ISPs. Through this course Heidi speaks directly to me as an ISP and cuts through all of the avoidance, denial and facade that I have created about who I am. 

 Heidi has provided me with the support, love and grace to look at my shadows and still know that I can live a life of high self-esteem.”


"From the moment I saw this course I was attracted to it. Heidi's material always feels as though it is made just for me, at exactly the time that I need it. As I read the module titles, I found myself thinking, "yes, yes, yes".

The meditations are enjoyable, direct and powerful. I feel I can prescribe myself one of these meditations rather than chocolate - that's brilliant!”


“The meditations are so powerful and by following these I have really learnt to reconnect with my authentic self. 

Now that all important question, I have had for quite a few years ‘Who am I, what is my purpose’ is beginning to give me answers that I never believed I would find in such a profound way"


In summary:

You are receiving a three month Circle membership and a three module course for £45

For your The Circle subscription you are receiving:

  • X2 LIVE monthly online member only sessions. You are able to interact with me and ask me question areas around your life and any areas of development

  • Interaction with fellow Intuitive-Sensitive People on the LIVE sessions

  • Access to the members library of meditations and exercises specifically for the inner development of Intuitive-Sensitive People

  • Significant member discounts on all programmes, attended events and 1-2-1 services

  • Priority access to in-person events with Heidi

  • Free access to my very popular Life Codes Personalisation Series


FREE access to the three-module course: 

Sledgehammer to Co-dependence ~ Overcoming the Martyr, Approval Seeker & Dog’s Body Within

Your investment today is just £45

If after your three months you decide to continue as a member, you’ll be offered an optional monthly subscription.

All I ask is you try everything, give it a go for three months then we’ll catch up from there.

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See you on the inside.

With love

Heidi x
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