The Real Cost of Hollow Relationships
Hollow relationships hurt sensitive people. 

They create anything from upset to disrupted hormone levels. Studies show, the prolonged production of adrenal stress, impacts your body’s response to inflammation, immune responsiveness and sympathetic nervous system functioning which can lead to depression, chronic fatigue and other health issues including impaired immune response.
In short, hollow relationships have the power to create more than a bruised ego. They can destroy your health, well-being and psychological balance. 
You’re in the right place if you feel:
  • You have a niggle in your gut 
  •  Something doesn’t feel right about a relationship 
  •  You come away from interactions stressed or feeling deflated, uncomfortable or constantly questioning if you’ve done something wrong 
  •   You don’t feel safe emotionally, physically, financially or psychologically around hollow and narcissistic relationships. 
  •  You never feel able to please them, even if everything you end up doing is to this end. 
  •   They’re there for you one minute you’re the best thing, perhaps flooding you with warmth and responsiveness, they then disappear on you the next minute, either physically, emotionally or both and always in your hour of need. 
Do You Feel a Sucker for a Sob Story? 
Those who are particularly capable of hollow relationships are those who show narcissistic behaviour. These people target sensitive people. 


It’s because of your capacity for empathy. They target you because they can appeal to your sympathetic nature, your ability to nurture; they often do so using manipulative tactics beyond your wildest imagination.

Narcissists flatter you in the beginning, often showering you in attention. They want special treatment, never 'what's on the menu' and they seek to control all those in their circle of relationships either overtly or covertly. They have a very fragile ego they are willing to do anything to hide therefore they seek to destroy those they cannot control.
You are sensitive because you treat others with reasonableness, honesty and integrity.
It’s mind blowing when others don’t respond with the same treatment. To a sensitive person, it’s completely devastating and it’s not something you can just shake off.  
Now it’s time for you to feel you can live your life as you, to no longer feel you’re somehow displeasing or forever apologising for something you didn’t do.
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What Others Members Say About Heidi's Work...

I felt Heidi had been looking through my family’s window...

The Narcissistic Recovery course, like each of Heidi’s classes, was profound, and her insights on the types of narcissist and their behaviours was amazing –again I felt she had been looking through my family’s window all those years! I would recommend this course to other intuitive-sensitives to deal with narcissistic influences in their lives. Heidi is the real thing, and can help us recover. 
                                                                                                                                  - Diana Hartley

Heidi has made a difference to my life, especially in my relationship with my mother. 

When I saw the Narcissistic Recovery course, it felt right for me, as I recognised the traits of narcissistic behaviour in my upbringing, and I knew the importance of healing those unhealthy family patterns which I still carry with me. The course was brilliant – a real eye-opener. It gave me a deep understanding of the whole picture, while at the same time offering a resolution. It has made a difference to my life, especially in my relationship with my mother. Her behaviour used to affect me, but now I feel liberated: able to simply to observe and stay neutral. I have already recommended this course to other people who I feel would benefit from it. 
                                                                                                                                    - Marina Duskov
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