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Why Do I Need a 1-2-1 with Heidi?
Something is going around and around your head.

 You can’t get beyond a certain point although you work hard on your inner world.

You want to feel more confident in your decisions or check something through.

You want to understand what you can expect from your year ahead, you’ve planned it but you want to know what your unconscious says about it.

Perhaps you’re right at the point of changing your job, considering a break-up or you want some insight into repairing a relationship.

Heidi’s specialty is to guide you through life changes or challenges or help you heal from past upsetting experiences. 

If you’re just curious and want a general non-specified reading, then Heidi is not the person for you.
Client Transformation Stories
I don’t think I have ever felt the degree of safety of being myself, in my life, as I do now.” 
Janet L. -USA
I no longer need to know what’s next; I have found my optimistic smiling self again.”
Veronique V-M. -Netherlands
Now everything seems possible, I can happily enjoy and experience any rollercoaster in life presented to me.”
Sandra S. -Ireland
The 1-2-1 with Heidi Booking Process
1. Pick Your Date
2. Fill out Your Questionnaire
3. Confirm Your Session
What to Expect When You Book a 1-2-1 with Heidi and What Happens on the Day
Sessions are 30 minutes, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your booked time because this maximises your appointment. Heidi will review your questionnaire prior to speaking to you. If she has any additional questions, you’ll be notified ahead of your session time. Your questionnaire is completely confidential, held within an encrypted system of which Heidi is the only one to see what is written. Questionnaires are destroyed following your session.

On booking, you will be given a selection of dates and times to choose from. You will be emailed prior to your appointment a unique Zoom meeting link for you to click for your appointment time. When you click at your appointment time Heidi will be there. You’ll be able to see her and she will be able to see you. Yes, you can use your mobile for the link, a tablet, laptop or computer. Your Zoom appointment is recorded, the link will be sent to you for downloading following the session. If you want to keep your recording, you will need to download it within 14 days because after 14 days it is removed permanently from our system. If you haven’t a suitable device for a Zoom meeting, Heidi will call a landline free of charge for your session, but phone calls are not recorded. 

Heidi has only 32 appointment slots available per month across all 1-2-1 options. Everyone may book a session with Heidi, however priority will be given to members of Heidi's Circle first. 
What's My Investment? 

Do you like quick, straight to the point answers? Do you steer clear of fluffy information? Do you have a moving forward attitude? Are you committed to your inner development? If your answer is yes to one or all of these questions, consider a 1-2-1 session as an investment in yourself.

You could of course work it out on your own, search for the answers, or you could take the short-cut and do what thousands of people have done before you and use Heidi’s guidance.
Choose a Psychic Reading if you have a dilemma or a decision to make. Heidi’s key skill is to see things from a deeper perspective. Heidi highlights areas not immediately obvious to you. This is incredibly helpful because these are aspects of your unconscious trying to communicate. 

Often, deep in your psyche, you have profound answers to your own dilemmas but it’s hard to access them through the conscious mind, especially when your desired outcome is ‘emotionally loaded.’ Heidi’s insight has for more than twenty years, saved her clients a lot of money, heartache and ill-fated life lessons, thus assisting them to adjust their path to highly productive happy endings.

Psychic Readings with Heidi are Helpful If: 
• You can’t make an important decision
• “Is it them or am I being unreasonable?” You’re questioning if it’s bullying or you’re too sensitive
• You’re trying to leave a situation but you keep being drawn back in
• You want to know a likely outcome if you stay or go in varying situations from work to relationships
• You’re worried about someone / a situation and you want insight into their thinking

Heidi has only 32 appointment slots available per month across all 1-2-1 options. Everyone may book a session with Heidi, however priority will be given to members of Heidi's Circle first. 

When you click on the above button you will be taken to Heidi's booking system. 
Choose an Emotional Healing Session if you have a current situation causing you emotional pain. Heidi works from the basis what causes you pain now, is rooted in the past, these sessions seek to find the root cause and help you release that inner pressure. Highly sensitive and Intuitive-Sensitive people, tend to feel things more deeply than the average person. 
This puts a conscious, added pressure on the nervous system creating stress symptoms.

Emotional Healing Sessions are suited to you only if you are willing to explore past relationships including the parental dynamics you experienced in early childhood. Heidi likes to look back to right at the beginning to help solve emotional feelings in the now. If you are not willing to answer questions or explore areas relating to your early experiences (doesn’t matter if you can’t remember full details) then please do not book this session.  

Heidi’s emotional healing sessions help her clients feel lighter, relieved and able to let go of issues that have been troubling them. 

Emotional Healing Sessions with Heidi are Helpful If: 
• You have been working on your inner world yet you’ve hit a stumbling block
• You want to explore / seek to resolve a current situation causing you emotional pain
• You have been on the receiving end of narcissistic or psychopathic behaviour
• You want insight into the past and why you’re currently repeating patterns of behaviour
• You want to let go of something bothering you yet you feel stuck to do so
• You want to uncover a root cause and you’re willing to explore it

Heidi has only 32 appointment slots available per month across all 1-2-1 options.  Everyone may book a session with Heidi, however priority will be given to members of Heidi's Circle first.

When you click on the above button you will be taken to Heidi's booking system. 
 Have questions?  Email: [email protected] 
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About Your Guide
Heidi Sawyer has a post-graduate diploma in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness & Spirituality. She is the author of several books on intuitive sensitivity and highly intuitive traits in people. Heidi has a natural, very strong intuitive ability.

Since 1996 she has worked with more than 65,000 sensitive people guiding their transformation. Heidi reads energy not people and is therefore known for speed and clarity.

She uses an integrated approach to help sensitive people overcome emotional trauma, gain clarity and create transformation using the power of the unconscious. 
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